MARABU Varnish high gloss pro 50ml 11420005849

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Description :

Universal varnish with an extraordinarily beautiful gloss level
? Environmentally friendly water-based varnish
? Clean tools with water
? hard, smooth, scratch-resistant surfaces
? no yellowing
? wash hands with lukewarm water

? For smooth, hard surfaces, coat 2 – 4 times; allow to dry well after each coat.
? Depending on the surface, the adhesion can vary greatly, test first
? Prime absorbent surfaces with diluted varnish and apply several coats
? Drying time between coats approx. 1-2 hours

? Allow to dry in a dust free place after varnishing
? The final drying and development of adhesion takes place after at least 48 hours
? Optimal processing and drying at 20 °C
? For beautiful, smooth surfaces, it is better to apply several, thinner layers